Advantage Advanced Training


Colorado Mesa University Tennis Courts


The Mesa County Tennis Program is offering advanced tennis lessons for the competitive tennis player with three or more years of tournament experience. This program offers an advanced player - who is serious about improving his/her all-around game and conditioning - the opportunity to further develop strategies and tactics in preparation for competitive play.

Mission Statements:

  • Improve each player's tennis technique, mental approach, strategy and physical conditioning.

  • Provide fun and challenging drills that will improve skills and endurance.

  • Ensure that each participant gains tennis knowledge, self-confidence and new strategies.

  • Committed players learn to strategize, play and excel at competitive tennis.

This format includes:

  • Clinic Time: 9:15 am - 10:15 am

  • Competitive games and match play.

  • Footwork and conditioning.

  • Consistency and placement under pressure.

  • Consistency and placement under pressure.

  • Double tactics and strategies.

  • Singles strategies (consistency and tactics).

  • Improving the serve, return of serve and match play.

  • Positioning, footwork at the net/volleys, passing shot tactics.

  • Ground-stroke consistency, volley technique, transition to the net.